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Artificial Intelligence: How This Sophisticated Technology Can Impact Our Everyday Lives

Today, it is undeniable that technology is dramatically moving forward at a breakneck speed. With all the benefits humans are enjoying today, our ancestors would think of us as Gods judging by the power that we have in our pockets right now. At this moment, among the most amazing concept that science had given us is the Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI. Indeed, we hear a lot of this topic these days, but what does artificial intelligence really means? How can it change our lives?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

By definition, AI is a branch of science that deals with the study of intelligent machines. In 1956, John McCarthy, the one who coined this popular term, defined it as the science of designing and creating intelligent machines—machines that almost resemble humans and possess the same special qualities that we have. Since then, the wheels have been put into motion. Artificial intelligence has had a spectacular evolution and today, the disciplines implied by AI are tremendously various.

For ordinary people, this term might be confusing and mind-boggling. It is a kind of deep-learning process that can provide complex functions. But the real question is, how can it affect our lives? Is AI safe and beneficial? Or is there an underlying danger that we must be aware of? While most of us still do not fully understand the ramifications of this technology, we can expect that Artificial Intelligence can significantly impact our lives.

AI is being used to automate Transportation.

There’s a high possibility that you have already heard of self-driving cars, right? Although this exciting innovation is not yet perfect, the U.S. Department of Transportation has already acknowledged this fascinating innovation and has already released definitions of different levels of automation. A full automation goal which includes buses and trains is on its way.

AI can help disabled and amputees through Cyborg Technology.

Artificial intelligence aims to augment individuals with amputated parts of the bodies to still be able to move and function as normal people do. The possible cyborg enhancements would be designed to serve a more practical purpose, to reduce the limitations of a disabled individual on a day to day basis. It is an added convenience as well.

AI is among the leading solutions for the elderly in the Medical Industry.

Artificial Intelligence is used to create healthcare bots with a primary role in providing customer assistance and support. They can perform data research and analytics, 24/7. Moreover, AI aids in creating home robots that can assist senior citizens with their everyday chores and allows them to stay in their home instead of relying on home care workers or living in centres for the elderly.

AI helps in dealing with dangerous jobs.

A lot of industries today have jobs that are too hazardous for an ordinary human-being. Robots created with the help of Artificial Intelligence are now taking over those risky tasks such as bomb defusing. Mostly, the job is done using drones, requiring considerable control from humans. Can you imagine that? There are thousands of lives are being saved.

AI aims to solve the world’s biggest problem—Climate Change.

Intelligent machines that are being designed and created today are powered by systems that have more access to big data than a person could ever have. With a mind-boggling number of statistics being gathered, saved to the system and being processed, AI can easily identify trends, analyse data and then come up with solutions to deal with climate change.

In addition to the above-mentioned impacts, Artificial Intelligence can also be used in a wide range of other applications and industries such as the aerospace industry, gaming arena, language processing, communication systems, military, stock trading, learning systems, computing and a lot more.

However, in spite of all the benefits that Artificial Intelligence can bring, it is not a secret that many of us think of the potential threats it entails. Like any other powerful object, if given to the wrong hands, AI can be a major source of problems or destruction. On the other hand, handled with proper care and control, AI can shape the future of mankind to a much better and brighter one.

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