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Artificial Intelligence – It Promises A Better Business Future

Our life is a mere piece of a huge puzzle with integrating parts – each performs accordingly depending on what is dictated and performed by humans.  For so long we were put under the impression that people are the superior beings among others. The intelligence we’ve got and our capacity to think and decide on our very own has given us status. Did you ever have a single thought that someday, somehow, something would come our way which would be considered far better than we actually are? The next big thing, perhaps; the total utilization of artificial intelligence as many predict.

How Artificial Intelligence came into the human scene

We were all told what exactly artificial intelligence is, in a previously Bock Corp blog. The matter that probably resides in your mind by now is the question of how AI started.

AI is said to be discovered as early as 20th century when the science fiction introduced the idea among humans. The “Heartless” Tin Man of the Wizard of Oz is believed to have paved the way to the knowledge of AI and has urged curiosity among many other data scientists, data engineers and data analysts. This is, however, followed by the invention of various computers which are programmed to perform tasks by command.

Throughout the years, these people study the AI algorithms and its underlying principle which they hope to get honed to finally introduce an AI utopia.

So, if humans were once quoted to be the best among everything on earth, can the product of their intelligence (Which is AI) be better than the best? Can it really be the next big thing in this world?

Artificial Intelligence as the Promise of Better Future

With the seemingly never-ending demands of many businesses, the rise of prompted machines and other AI products is seen to create and bring difference. Why would it not be if a single machine that is built out of continuous data and machine learning could do the same things a group of people! The reason, per se, why they are also termed as “Smart assistants.” They are bound to start the phenomenal change within the computing and interrelated industries; from the technologically-operated business set-up to an automated one.

Stop for a moment, calm yourself and condition your mind to look ahead as if foreseeing the future. How easy would it be for business operators to have a single instruction given to a machine and letting the latter do what is needed to be done – in an instant. Wouldn’t it be wonderful breathing space for business owners? No need to do long list of details and information to follow because the AI machine can do so for them. Today, studies and research reveal that the time can come when machines can perform duties without the need to be fully instructed nor programmed.

You may have already experiencing the AI enabled home assistant decides i.e. Amazon echo, Google home etc. Self-driving cars and autonomous drones are being tested and may be on the road soon. Below is a really cool example of an AI enabled robot’s conversation with the journalist just to give you a feel of what is possible.

So many say that this will be a shining star for business owners while imposing threats to workforce. Reality is, AI brings many productive and competitive edge gains to businesses. Reskilling a workforce to embrace the rise of the machines will also bring invigoration to IT teams that have been dealing with “Traditional” for far too long.

Artificial Intelligence, data learning and machine learning have a lot more cycles to go through. Discovering how they can favor your business and put you steps ahead of the competition is an exciting project.

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